Infra Dig

by Ian Freud

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released June 1, 2018


all rights reserved



Ian Freud Leeds, UK

Idiot. Plainly too old, bald, fat and out of touch for this. Pay in pies and you have me for life.

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Track Name: Apothecary Man
Well welcome - come inside
And let me slide into your mind
And I’ll what can find
What you’re hiding deep inside
You’re looking tired and you look stressed
So just lay down and get undressed
And have a rest (excuse the mess)
And I promise: no duress

Now tell me all your secrets
And I’ll tell you no lies
What you want is what I got
And I’ll keep you satisfied
I’m the Apothecary Man, I keep it all up here
So listen up my dear
Cross my palm with silver now...

Look - read the prescription
My description isn’t fiction
Isn’t that an accurate depiction of the friction in your mind?
I got blue pills I got red ones
I’ve got body ones and I’ve got head ones
From a book? Oh sure I’ve read one
And my mistakes? Oh sure I’ve made some

Oh look who’s back again
It’s good to see you here my friend
I see that there’s no end
You’re rapacious but I’m capacious
So I’ve made a special blend
Just open up your veins
And let me pump it straight to your brain
I know it sounds a little insane
But it’s the end to all your pain...
Track Name: Fifty Bob
Officially he’s known as Simon
But he calls himself Si with a ‘P’
There’s froth at the corners of his mouth
He’s spent the last fortnight on E

His hair’s going grey at the temples
And his life’s going down on the skids
He just about pays the bills
Throws down bottles of pills
Just to keep up with the kids

What a life it would be
To freeze the frame in 1993
And never have to change a single thing...

Look who’s living the dream
Is it everything it’s cracked up to be?
Cut your hair, get a job
You could sell your soul for fifty bob
Staying clear of the law
So you can piss your last at 54
Isn’t that what people fought and died for?

Why does it have to be this way?
(You know what they say: tomorrow’s another day, but sometimes it feels like we’re living in yesterday)
Why does it have to be this way?
(The faces and places and names might have changed but the winners and losers are always the same)
Why does it have to be this way?
(Where have you been and where are you going? Is there pleasure in asking or pleasure in knowing?)
Why does it have to be this way perhaps tomorrow’s your lucky day?

Julie’s Monday is just like the last one
She’s chalking it off on the wall
She keeps her head down
Cos if she makes a sound
Maybe no-one will hear her at all

She spent a nice weekend in Brighton
Took some nice selfies there with the kids
She sent them to Si
With a text saying ‘hi!’
But he was too busy stroking his id

What a life to be free
To pay your tax and VAT
And never have to deviate from a plan at all…

Are you living the dream
Is it everything it’s cracked up to be?
Go to school, get ahead in your job
You can buy your piece for fifty bob
Staying clear of the law
So you can die in bed at 84
Isn’t that what people fought and died for?
Track Name: Gone
“I guess you’d best come in,” she says with a sad shrug
“Hang your coat up there - don’t worry about the rug.”
Steam starts to crawl up the window
Making the tea for two
And a plate of biscuits too
Because that’s what people do

She takes him from the mantlepiece and wipes him with her sleeve
Looks down into his eyes and her shoulders start to heave
Through the sobs and the hiccups
Fighting down the tears
She tells him of her fears
They've never seemed so near
Track Name: Into the Sun
Look at me now
See what I’ve done
You thought that it’s over?
Well, honey - it’s barely begun

Oh what a mess
I’ve made of it all
How many tears must I cry
Before you see them fall?

Take me back to the sun
Show me hope and show me wonder

The devil may care
But don’t look at me
I’m not sure that even he cares
From what I can see

But here in your arms
I feel safest of all
Knowing you’ll catch me
When I start to stumble and fall

Take me back to the sun
Show me hope and show me wonder
Track Name: Galilee Blues
I was walking on the waters, just minding my own
When a crowd of sandal-wearing geezers saw and put me on a throne
I said “Lord! Please won’t you leave me alone?”
As evening fell I scarpered and finally found my way back home

So I was cooking up some dinner for my mother and me
She’d cooked up some loaves I got silver fishes fresh out of the sea of Galilee
Mum said “Lord - there must be five thousand people outside!”
I did my best to feed them, then jumped out of the window to hide

I snuck off to the garden thinking “boy what a week!”
When this man I barely knew came up and kissed me on my cheek
I said “Lord! I’m flattered but I’m not made that way!”
These Centurions sprang from nowhere and told me it was an offence to be gay

I spent a week in a cell that was hotter than hell
And the less said the better about the terrible smell
And my Daddy came to visit but wouldn’t stand my bail
He said “have you never really wondered why your skin is so pale?”
You’ll have to ask your mother, but I suspect another.”
You could have struck me with a feather, but I shrugged and thought “whatever”
Mother came to see me as I hung around Golgotha
I tried my best to get an answer but I couldn’t get one off her
And if I’m being honest I was kind of sick of all the grief
So when the soldier pierced my side it was a kind of relief
And I said “Oh take me home!”

So I ascended to heaven on some magical stairs
And the guy who was up there waiting had a beard and white hair
He said “Son… sit at my right hand on this chair.”
I cried for three days and three nights and he said “Christ - I’m sending you back down there!”

So that’s where I am now, stuck with you people
As you dangle me from walls and stick me on your steeples
I say “Lord! Don’t you people have any taste?
Besides you’ve got my eyes wrong - and really that ain’t the size of my waist”
Track Name: Tell Me
Tell me what you want to see
And I’ll show it to you
Tell me what you want me to be
I’ll be that for you… oh
Tell me what you want me to do
I could do it to you
If you want me to
Tell me all the secrets you keep
And who you are when you sleep

Hands up if you’re a bad girl
Hands down if you’re a good girl

Tell me how you want to be tied
And I’ll pull down the blinds
Tell me if it hurts too much
Or you want a bit more
(Nobody’s here to keep the score)
Tell me where you want this to go
And I’ll go there with you… anywhere… oh....
Tell me with your mouth or your eyes
Try to surprise me
I promise you that I won’t mind

Hands up if you’re a bad girl
Hands down if you’re a good girl
Track Name: Pints and Snacks
She told me quite correctly that I was high maintenance,
She pointedly reminded me that I can’t keep it in my pants,
Clap me irons, send me down cos I’m guilty as charged
I could see it in her eyes as she came to realise
That I was really telling lies just to buy myself some time
But it seems that the time’s already gone

Come on now, mate - let’s go get a beer
We can sit in a corner and I’ll lend you an ear
I’ll get the pints in and you get the snacks
We’ll work out a way to win her heart back

She was so mad at me and had every right to be
I wish that I could make her see that she means the world to me
No matter how it might sometimes look
And if that wasn’t bad enough, I couldn’t keep my big mouth shut,
And said a bunch of stuff that I can’t regret enough
Now I’m staring at my phone like a dog with an empty bowl

Come on now, mate - let’s go get a beer
We can sit in a corner and I’ll lend you an ear
I’ll get the pints in and you get the snacks
We’ll work out a way to win her heart back
Track Name: Oblivion
They say that times have changed
And love is all the rage
So how come all I see
When I turn on my TV
Is people just like me?
They say that nothing’s true
Is that a point of view:
That nothing’s what it seems?
Well I’ll stick to my dreams
And things I can believe

Don’t mind me - ‘Cos I’ve had a bit to drink
And when I’ve had a bit to drink I offer opinions
There’s too much in my head and I need to go to bed
And a welcome oblivion
On days like these when I’m barely even here
And the end seems so near
I would welcome oblivion

Nothing’s meant to last
The future of the past
Has finally arrived
And it’s not as advertised
What a time to be alive
But time keeps rolling on
We’re here and then we’re gone
Bust to boom, and boom to bust
All our hopes and dreams and lusts
Returned back to the dust

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